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Wallcraft Drywall, Inc. is in its 30th year in the western New York area.

We've been professionals in residential and commercial construction, producing high end results in a timely fashion. We are fully insured and able to handle your project with high quality results. We specialize in drywall installation and metal stud framing in a diverse range of residential and commercial construction.

Your home is your haven and you need to be happy in it. Our team of professionals strive for excellence in what we do to give you the level of service you can be pleased with. We are among the top drywall companies in western NY, delivering services with high end results. We do work for the leading building contractors in the area and strive to offer unparalled service.

Before drywall became widely available, building interiors usually consisted of plaster. For hundreds of years, walls and ceilings have been constructed by placing layers of wet plaster over thousands of wood strips called lath. The wet plaster would eventually harden to form walls and ceilings. However, the processes of installation and repair were both time-consuming and difficult to do well. Creating plaster walls required several coats to be applied, with a very long drying time in between each coat. In addition to its extended installation period, plaster application was very labor-intensive, requiring skilled craftsmen who labored over a small area of a wall for a long period of time.

Projects that would take weeks to build with plaster can now be finished in a matter of days with drywall and will last longer and cost less to build. Damaged drywall can be repaired much faster and easier than plaster, and drywall also has a greater degree of fire-resistance.